The exploration begins: first steps alone in Freetown

English below 🙂 Продължавам с още мъничко детайли за Неделята си, която само бегло описах в предишния пост. Сиералеонците, вече съм установила, въобще не признават времето, когато ти кажат, че ще се срещнете "след малко", това може да бъде от 5 минути до няколко часа. Така половин ден чаках Арнолд уж да дойде да ме … Continue reading The exploration begins: first steps alone in Freetown


Little, Big Things (Day 2 in Sierra Leone)

English Below 🙂 Спане Първата нощ, без да знам, че трябва да се изпъне мрежата за комарите, и изтощена от дългото пътуване се бях завила с нея като с одеало. На следващия ден май ме бяха усетили и като се прибрах, мрежата беше здраво изпъната, а аз се засрамих, че не ми беше хрумнало. (И … Continue reading Little, Big Things (Day 2 in Sierra Leone)

First impressions from Sierra Leone

English below! 🙂 След дълги часове прекарани в чакане и път най-накрая се отзовах на летището Лунги в Сиера Леоне. Бързо си взех багажа и не след дълго ме заобиколиха група мъже, предлагащи ми най-учтиво различни възможности за превоз до Фрийтаун, столицата на Сиера Леоне. Мястото, където се намира летището е отделено от Фрийтаун със … Continue reading First impressions from Sierra Leone

Manufacturing Female Anxiety

I am 22 years old. I weight 52 kilograms. My height is 164cm (I’d like to think of myself as “petite”, although I’m perhaps too tall for it). I do think of myself as attractive. The size of my breasts is not ideal, but I’ve long ago come to terms with it. Of course, every … Continue reading Manufacturing Female Anxiety

Desire and Pleasure of the (Un)Sexed Body

The “sexing” of bodies is inevitably a social process whereby certain bodies are categorized as pertaining to men, while others- to women. The “in-between” remains invisible, concealed by the widely-accepted notion that there are only two “regular” ways of existing:  either being male, or female. Within this context, social power dictates not only the assignment … Continue reading Desire and Pleasure of the (Un)Sexed Body

A Bulgarian “Guyland”

This is an academic research paper written for my class "Sociology of Gender" at Middlebury College. If you have any feedback, please, use the comments section under the article! Happy reading! M. From a sociological perspective masculinity is everything but “innate” and “ahistorical”. The definition of “manhood” is socially constructed by culture. In the words … Continue reading A Bulgarian “Guyland”

Little Daily Insight: you WILL get hurt

The simple truth is that If you are a closed-off, fearful, unapproachable, reserved person, you will get hurt a few times in life. And even if you are the most open, brave, honest and loving person, you will still get hurt a few times in Life. So, as it seems, the fact that you'll get … Continue reading Little Daily Insight: you WILL get hurt

Marxism in the Bedroom

More than a century ago, Oscar Wilde stated what may seem an eternal truth. “Everything is about sex except for sex. Sex is about power,” he wrote. But what power could this be? As Marx posits, “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas” and “the ideas of those who … Continue reading Marxism in the Bedroom

The Reign of Monogamy

This is a sociology paper for my Society and the Individual Class taught by the great Jamie MacCallum 🙂 Durkheim and the reign of monogamy I started practicing polyamory[1] three years ago in an attempt to free myself of the unbearable attachment, dependency and conditionality that came with monogamous relationships. Needy, shattered and incapable to … Continue reading The Reign of Monogamy

Choose Love over Fear

Today and every day, choose love over fear until it becomes your habit. Wayne Dyer Today I reminded myself of the time I was freer when I could Love without fear and find strength in vulnerability. In the past months I had grown fearful of hurting others and being hurt which naturally limited my ability … Continue reading Choose Love over Fear