Zhuliyana Boyanova: the voice of Bulgarian students abroad

I am delighted to be able to share this inspiring video in which Bulgarian student in City University London- Zhuliyana Boyanova, addresses the ongoing media oppression by representatives of the oligarchic parliament Bulgarians have been protesting against for more than six months now.


Marina Abramovich: Art and Love

“The artist is present”, a documentary about the exceptional modern artist Marina Abramovich, is a transforming introspection into the life of the now 67-year old Yugoslavian artist whose daring art works have redefined art for good.

Marina Abramovich puts on stage everything that is considered unthinkable. Her works are so provocative, so radically different from everything else that we perceive as “art”, that people have continuously questioned whether her work is to be called art at all. Continue reading


Interview with me from the Rainbow Gathering in Greece

This is a 6-minute interview with me, my dear friend and Tantra Teacher Marek made. Watch it to hear a bit about the place of tantra and Rainbow gatherings in today’s society according to me and more about what we learned, felt, experienced, brought back with us…

♥Maggie Nazer is a social entrepreneur, activist, blogger and current Middlebury college student.


Coming out (Interview)

541212_10151055708530028_345130583_nThe Ancient Greeks believed that being enthusiastic is being possessed by a divine power or by the presence of God, himself. Such a person can do just as much as he can think of, for he acts out of love and desire to create and his every word and every action falls into place and is meant to succeed.

I met Marko two years ago, while organizing the first Human Libraries in Bulgaria together with my friends from the Students’ society for charity and volunteering. Our aim was to introduce our guests with inspiring with their action, motivation and passion individuals succeeded to brake all stereotypes they have been fit into.

Marko’s ability to inspire people is revealed on a daily basis as he helps people be truthfull to themselves, gain confidence and reveal themselves to a society that still needs to be taught acceptance. Continue reading