My Freshman Hell

As I walked, biked and pushed myself over my limits for about 350 kilometres from Leon to Santiago de Compostella as I did Camino de Santiago, I learned what God truly meant to me.

I had always known that God was part of me and I was part of God. Pushing over the Spanish hills and mountains, sick, sweaty, challenged beyond my strength, I learned that God was at all time present in my life- I learned to see God in the eyes and faces of my fellow piligrims who offered me their water bottles, their words of motivation, their food or money. God for me, you know, is Love. Continue reading


Rainy Sofia


Starting with this post I want to share bits about my culture and the beautiful country where I was born and raised- Bulgaria which is either vaguely known and often mistaken for Hungary :P, or harshly stereotyped.

The image that you see is from the capital of Bulgaria- Sofia, a city of contrasts and possibilities which does not present themselves easily, but rather await you to discover them! 😛


Daily BUNNY insight #3

I had an eye-opening experience while picking up salad for my bunnies today at Ross Dining Hall.
As I got veggies in all colors of the rainbow, I realized I will be feeding them way better than I’m feeding myself so far…
I guess our life together will be more than just cuddling.



Little daily insight #2

Maggie Nazer, Fall in BulgariaSomething I found within my collection of letters which I once again need to practice:

What I have personally found is that The secret of living is giving. You are very close to this already, I believe.

Yet, I suspect there is a big chance that you might miss something that is not so easy to notice. In most of cases giving might lead to a disappointment and some sort of suffering. Continue reading


God speaking through us

We shall lift each other upIt was a hot summer afternon and the city was sweating. It was my first time in Burgas since I was little, but I didn’t feel like sightseeing. I kept on pulling my suitcase after me as Tsvety and I searched for something to eat.

As we walked the main street we stopped to listen to some street musicians- two beautiful boys playing guitars and singing rock songs in Bulgarian. There was something different in their singing as they didn’t try to sound as the original performers, but sang as if they were the first ones to. Continue reading


(In)secure me

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how attached I am to the idea of security. My best friend since 9th grade revealed he was in love with me and ceased having any contact with me whatsoever.

What hurt the most was losing ground. Feeling left alone. Seeing how someone can throw you out of his life with as much as a wave. The most intimidating thing of all- having your whole feeling of safety evaporate. Continue reading


The cleaner who became a teacher

They say your first job is meant to be awful. It is clear that more often than not your first job will not guarantee you a sense of fulfillment; it is simply a milestone on the path to personal triumph.

I started working in the ninth grade. Continue reading