My Freshman Hell

As I walked, biked and pushed myself over my limits for about 350 kilometres from Leon to Santiago de Compostella as I did Camino de Santiago, I learned what God truly meant to me. I had always known that God was part of me and I was part of God. Pushing over the Spanish hills and mountains, … Continue reading My Freshman Hell


Rainy Sofia

Starting with this post I want to share bits about my culture and the beautiful country where I was born and raised- Bulgaria which is either vaguely known and often mistaken for Hungary :P, or harshly stereotyped. The image that you see is from the capital of Bulgaria- Sofia, a city of contrasts and possibilities … Continue reading Rainy Sofia

Little daily insight #2

Something I found within my collection of letters which I once again need to practice: What I have personally found is that The secret of living is giving. You are very close to this already, I believe. Yet, I suspect there is a big chance that you might miss something that is not so easy … Continue reading Little daily insight #2

The cleaner who became a teacher

They say your first job is meant to be awful. It is clear that more often than not your first job will not guarantee you a sense of fulfillment; it is simply a milestone on the path to personal triumph. I started working in the ninth grade. My first job was as a cleaner in … Continue reading The cleaner who became a teacher

The best worst example: another step to truly being an open book!

This is the essay I wrote and sent over to colleges as part of my common application to US colleges and universities after I got rejected by Harvard. It took me a lot to write it and it took me a while to post it for eveyone to see, but here it is! Yours,Maggie The … Continue reading The best worst example: another step to truly being an open book!

Interview (with) me!

This interview was first published in Mladiinfo's Artcle zone! Interview done by Emilija Georgievska Magi Nazer is a 19-year-old girl from Bulgaria with an amazing background in the NGO sector. In fact, I am pretty sure that you would never expect for such a young person to have been to Thailand and Bali. Well, this … Continue reading Interview (with) me!