As I was growing up people were continuously telling me I thought too much. “Is it I who thinks too much or is it that others think too little?”- I frequently asked myself and chose to view it as a sign for supremacy. My ideas encapsulated me. My excitement to create and love made my … Continue reading Inside


Peace Revolution: how? what? when?

Do you want to be in control of your life and your toughts?To become more relaxed, more patient, more centered, more joyful, more aware of yourself and the processes that take place in your mind and in your body? To visit a far-away country and become a member of a community strenghtened by the will … Continue reading Peace Revolution: how? what? when?

One year after my Peace Revolution : )

A few thoughts on my Thailand experience one year later... My Peace Revolution fellowship is by all means my most valuable experience so far. I can talk about its impact on me for hours. Even before I got to Thailand I benefited greatly: the preparational program helped me become more aware of my actions and … Continue reading One year after my Peace Revolution : )